Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Neutral Zone Infraction

Furry Cosplay?
Here's another project I'm slowly building. I've always been a "spaceship game" fan, and I've played just about everything. From the salad days of FASA's Starship Combat Simulator to GW's Gothic offering, I've collected a lot of spaceships. My newest incursion into the space gaming sector is, in part, thanks to Mongoose Publishing's A Call To Arms: Star Fleet.

Now, I'm not the biggest Star Fleet Battles guy. It's a lot of math, and if there's two things I'm not good at it's math. Also, I'm a Paramount/FASA fan when it comes to Star Trek gaming. The Star Fleet universe isn't quite the same. Imagine Star Trek stuck in neutral, never quite making it past the cartoon (which certainly had its own charms). No, I always liked the movie-era designs, as portrayed by the now out-of-print FASA game*.
The 'War Witch', Klingon Dreadnought.

However, all that said, Mongoose has done a remarkable job with the new game and models, in my opinion. The game isn't hex-based, which is cool. It's smooth and fast-playing. Sure there's already pages of errata, but what game doesn't have errata? Anyway, my goal is to paint up two opposing fleets, Klingon and Federation. Then, later this year, I hope to run a large convention-style game at our monthly meeting. In the meantime, I have a couple friends painting Romulans and Kzinti, so I should have some battle reports up soon.

So, here's another thing I'll update as I go. Not only do I have to paint the vessels, but some planets and a starbase (Epsilon IX?).
Princess V'leth Suun, Captain of the 'War Witch'.
* We actually hope to revive the FASA game in our group with newer 1/2500 scale models.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Otherworld Orc: an end to a painting slump?

I've been in a bit of a painting slump recently. I have plenty of excuses, like a toddler and SW:TOR. But the fact remains: my painting output has been shoddy at best. Now, I've finished a few things, mostly gaming models I've used to practice airbrushing. But I need to do something to end the slump, something display-ish. I think I found the model. An Otherworld Miniatures Orc. This sort of "retro" AD&D Orc has been taunting me for some time. I love the old-school pig-face Orcs of olde.

I also think that he'll provide a nice step-by-step for my metallics class at Adepticon, since he's almost 80% armor. At the time of writing the base has been airbrushed a few coats and Orc is primed up. I'll keep posting WIP pics here.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Grav Tank.

I'm going to give this hobby blog thing one more try. I am absolutely ready to guaranty that I will post at least twice a week. My early attempts at posting consistently met with results ranging from poor to abject failure. But not this time. The content here will vary, from WIP miniatures painting pics to discussions on the retro Star Frontiers game I'm gonna to run. If you remember the Sathar, then you know what I'm talking about. I will probably post stuff about my Adepticon/GenCon metallics painting class, as well, in hopes of some pre-event feedback.

I'll also try and post coverage of Adepticon and GenCon, along with some battle reports (should I find myself actually playing any games).

The first real project I hope to cover here is a re-paint of the very detailed Fantasy Flight Slave I, for the X-Wing miniatures game. I finally got a chance to play here in Chicago at the Dice Dojo (great store). The models are really well done, for pre-painted ships, so there's not a huge motivation to do much "rennovation". That said, I knew right away that I wanted to do SI in its original Jango Fett-style scheme. Maybe piloted by Boba's foster-mom, Aurra Sing. I know I'd be messing with the time-line of the game, but you can send complaints/comments to Tim Zahn. Anyway, more on that later this week.

Until then, here's a few shots of Khurasan Miniatures' super-heavy grav tank. I did this in a couple days (read: rush), for a 15mm Hammer's Slammers game my group was running. It was really just another experiment in expedited airbrushing and weathering. I think it came out alright, like a 6.5/7. I do think with every use, I get more proficient with the airbrush. Oh, and this tank will also end up as a proxy for a Pacifican metro heavy grav, commanded by the infamous Outlander, Scythe. But more on that in a few weeks....